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TCR Podcast

PODCAST: Oskee Talk Episode 163 - Another bad performance at home

Recapping another bad loss at home.

PODCAST: Oskee Talk Episode 124 - New addition to the House of ‘Paign (Mike Daum)

Mike Daum joins us to talk about joining the House of ‘Paign.

Oskee Talk Episode 57 - Season Two Premiere

The new season of Oskee Talk is here!

WKYHSI: Spring Football Game Recap and Crootin’

Swiggity swooty, go get that Mookie.

Spring Football Podcast #2: At least the defense can’t get worse (WKYHSI)

Please fix this, Lovie.

WKYHSI: Spring Football Pod #1 Run the dang ball

Our Rod is an awesome Rod.

WKYHSI Episode 47: Illinois Basketball 2018-19 Season Review

The last rites for the 2018-19 Fighting Illini

WKYHSI Episode 46: The Illini lose their 20th (TWENTIETH!) game.

Yet another historic low point for the Fighting Illini this decade.

WKYHSI Episode 45: We got revenge on Northwestern. Now let’s get it on Indiana.

Only two more regular season games left.

WKYHSI Ep 44: Basketball loses to Penn State and football completes its staff.

We weren’t the best 10-16 team of all time :(


From losing to FAU at home to winning 5 of 6 in conference. Weird season man.

WKYHSI Ep. 42: Football Coaching Staff Turmoil

Yep, Lovie hired his son. That happened......sigh...

WKYHSI Episode 41: Giorgi just did what???

Girogi Bezhanishvili is good at this whole basketball thing.

WKYHSI Podcast Episode 41: Illini upset Michigan State

Holy hell...that was fun

WKYHSI Ep. 39: Ugly wins are still beautiful

Take a bow, Kipper Nichols.

WKYHSI Ep. 38: The Tevian Jones Game

Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in!

WKYHSI Ep. 37: “Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity”

"To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering." Friedrich Nietzsche

WKYHSI Episode 36: Could we win a game? Please?

A 4-12 start to basketball and rumors of Jeff Thomas returning to Miami. Yep. It’s one of those weeks.

WKYHSI Ep. 34: RIP to the 2018-2019 Illini Basketball Team

The basketball season is over before New Year’s Day.

WKYHSI Episode 33: There will be no Braggin’ this Christmas

We always will love you Trent Frazier, our perfect, beautiful basketball angel.

WKYHSI Episode 32: Signing Day Recap

Brandon and Steve are cautiously excited about the Illini class.

WKYHSI Episode 31: Beat Mizzou

NEW POD! Let’s make it 6-in-a-row over them Tigers.

WKYHSI Episode 30: Illinois vs UNLV Recap & Volleyball Final Four Reaction

Illinois is back in the Final Four of volleyball with some familiar teams and coaches waiting for them.

WKYHSI Episode 29: “Starting to feel really defeated”

Some football, some basketball, and a lot of feeling of complete defeat.

WKYHSI Episode 28: Lovie Smith Gets An Extension

Josh Whitman is doubling down

WKYHSI Episode 27: Football vs Northwestern Preview & Maui Invitational Recap

For the last time in 2018, let’s preview a football game.

WKYHSI Episode 26: Lovie Talk

Brandon and Brad discuss what comes next for Illinois Football after the worst loss in program history.

WKYHSI Episode 25: Iowa Football Preview & Maui Invitational Preview

Will we regret making fun of Kirk Ferentz? Maybe, but we will not apologize.

WKYHSI Episode 24: Basketball vs Georgetown Preview & Nebraska Football Recap

Come for the hoops talk, stay for yet another conversation about another sound defeat for Illinois Football.

WKYHSI Episode 23: “Please Allow Us to Escalate Our Hysteria”

It’s the first basketball gameday of the year!



WKYHSI Episode 21 - Well, I guess we have to preview Minnesota



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