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Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff no longer coming to Champaign

It’s back to Boulder for the Fox crew.

TCR // Brad Repplinger

Call it an audible.

Fox’s on-campus pregame show Big Noon Kickoff will no longer come to Champaign next week, despite making those plans months ago.

Instead, the crew will stay put in Boulder for Coach Prime & Colorado’s Week 3 showdown against Colorado State.

Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt made that announcement at the end of Colorado’s win Saturday vs. Nebraska.

“We want to make a big announcement,” Johnson said. “Big Noon Kickoff: Our studio show, not us, will be back here next week to follow Deion Sanders and this Colorado story. The biggest story in college football.”

Johnson and Klatt will still presumably be in Champaign for the Illini’s tilt with top-10 Penn State.

That’s what you get after you lose to Kansas in bad fashion. Kickoff next week on Fox is at 11 a.m.