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Missouri’s coach set the bar VERY high for Illinois after Braggin’ Rights

Dennis Gates expects a lot of the Illini.

X // @IlliniMBB

Illinois thumped Missouri on Friday night in Braggin’ Rights.

And Mizzou’s second-year head coach Dennis Gates took notice.

In his postgame press conference, Gates at one point said, “I think Illinois is a Final Four team.”

He followed that up by claiming, “I believe they will win the Big Ten.”

After the Illini’s 24-point win over the Tigers, can you blame him? Everything was clicking.

And if Gates’ prediction comes true, then we’ll give credit where credit is due and say he was the first opposing coach to lay that kind of praise on Brad Underwood’s team this season.

We’ll have much more postgame commentary on Illinois’ historic Braggin’ Rights victory over the coming days, but I just felt like this was noteworthy that Gates had such high feelings for the Illini, a team his Tigers didn’t look like they belonged on the court with in St. Louis.