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Devon Witherspoon is lighting up the NFL

Spoon keeps chugging.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Never a doubt.

Devon Witherspoon is winning over plenty of NFL fans early in the Seahawks’ season, especially on Monday night.

In the first half Spoon lit up Daniel Jones for a huge sack, the first one of his career.

In the second half, Spoon had an electric 97-yard pick-six, scoring his first NFL touchdown. He never had a defensive TD at Illinois, so finding the endzone in the third game of his professional career is pretty incredible. (He missed Week 1 with injury.)

When the NFL X page is tweeting about you instead of Taylor Swift, you’re doing something right.

Go get ‘em, Spoon.

Reaction is also pouring in on X on Monday night to Spoon’s big game.