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So Skyy Clark is buds with... Spider-Man?

Alright, that’s enough Internet for tonight.

Twitter: @skyyclark

Here I am, just enjoying my Sunday night on the couch, fighting off those Sunday scaries.

And then I am suddenly on Twitter, scrolling through my feed, and in between tweets about Manny (bleeping) Machado and the state of the world, there it is.

Skyy Clark — the next savior for Illini Basketball — chilling with... Spider-Man?

In the tweet, we are provided no context. Zero. Zilch.

It looks like we’re in a backyard somewhere where it’s nice outside, which, given the current heat wave, could be just about anywhere.

And Tobey Maguire (spelled Toby in the tweet) is there. Yes, 47-year-old Tobias Vincent Maguire of Spider-Man fame, especially in last year’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

To add to it, Tobey isn’t just hanging at a backyard BBQ with Skyy Clark, he’s donning a Script Illinois jersey.

Like any good journalist, Coleman Hawkins is then asking the real questions.

Yes, Coleman, how “tf” does Skyy Clark know Spider-Man?

Skyy, being the stand-up kid he is, answers.

Well, that clears that up.

Illini Nation is betting on Skyy to really be that guy.

And if he wants to bring some celebs along for the ride, let’s do it.

Share your theory on how Skyy Clark knows Tobey Maguire in the comments!