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Ranking the newcomers’ numbers

Some of the numbers are better than others.

@Ty_rodgers20 // Twitter

The Official atIlliniMBB Twitter Account has released its newcomers’ numbers. This is a perfect ranking of those numbers with no notes.

  1. Skyy Clark #55 - Easily the best choice of the newcomers. There’s just something about small guards rocking big numbers, and there’s something about Skyy that just screams mid-2000s. He wears all his clothes baggy. Strong Jason Williams vibes with this one. Love it. No notes.
  2. Jayden Epps #3 - He goes to AI’s competition, he wins the one-on-one challenge, and now, he’s rocking his number? Can’t be a coincidence. Epps is going to be a stud, and he’s off to a strong start. He should easily be the best #3 since BP3.
  3. Terrence Shannon Jr. #0 - TSJ wore #1 for Texas Tech, and most likely would’ve had #1 if he wanted it. But he went for a change. And I’m all here for the nicknames. Russ, Damian Lillard, and Gilbert Arenas are just a few that come to mind when thinking of #0. That’s the type of guy he wants to be for this team.
  4. Matthew Mayer #24 - This one was expected, but still pretty dope. Mayer wore #24 at Baylor, but in my opinion, this number belongs to the tall, lanky, athletic guy on the team. Mayer will be just that.
  5. Ty Rodgers #20 - Also somewhat expected. He wore #20 with Meanstreets in AAU and at Thornton last year. Now, he carries on Da’Monte’s legacy. DMW was Mr. Intangibles for Underwood the last several years. I expect Rodgers to be that same type of player. Does the little things, glue guy, you know the cliches.
  6. Paxton Warden #22 - A fine choice. Nothing flashy about #22. Can’t really go wrong with this decision. Won’t get any complaints from me.
  7. Dain Dainja #42 - Al Horford 2.0? #42 is like the stereotypical junior high “big” number. I like when bigs go against the grain, which is why Kofi in #21 was so unique. I would’ve liked to see him in #25 I think. Not a horrible choice, though.
  8. Sencire Harris #1 - Very mixed feelings about this one. It’s going to be weird seeing someone besides Trent Frazier rock numero uno after the last half decade. I think #4 would fit him well. Or even #13 like a former Flyin’ Illini who was about his height and could jump out of the gym. Certainly going to take some getting used to.