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PHOTO GALLERY: In the gym with Illini signee Ty Rodgers

We got a chance to watch Ty Rodgers workout this week.

Evan McClintock // TCR

Ty Rodgers committed and signed with Illinois late last year, and now he’s getting ready to play a big role with the Fighting Illini this fall.

A four-star forward from Thornton Township, Rodgers is considered one of the best players in the Class of 2022 in Illinois.

TCR staff photographer Evan McClintock got a chance to be in the gym with Rodgers this week and watch him workout. Take a look at his shots below.

Rodgers figures to play into Brad Underwood’s rotation right away, but there are definitely still question marks when it comes to the frontcourt. Check out some of Drew Pastorek’s solutions here.

Oh, and make sure to tune into an upcoming episode of Oskee Talk to hear Rodgers as a special guest.