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You think Chester Frazier is excited to be back?

“This is my school.”

Twitter: @IlliniMBB

Say what you want about the Illini’s hire of new assistant coach Chester Frazier — and, boy, y’all have said a lot in the Facebook comments — but I’m not sure there would have been another choice (other than Dee Brown) who would seemingly be this excited about coming to Champaign.

Frazier had a bunch of tweets Thursday after he got hired, but a video posted from the team’s Twitter and Instagram accounts on Friday morning (presumably from Frazier’s office??) really shows me at least that this was the kind of guy the program needed.

“This is my school,” Fraizer says. “I’m excited to compete for a Big Ten championship.” He then lifts up his Illini polo to show he’s wearing his jersey!

I’ll keep it brief here, just wanted to basically show y’all that Frazier is bringing some life into a program that has gone through the grinder since late March. But the weeks of agony knowing Orlando Antigua and Chin Coleman were headed to Lexington definitely felt like a gutcheck.

But seeing the No. 3 on the gut of Chester Frazier, well, it brings me back off the ledge a little bit.

Most young fans — myself included — don’t recall Frazier’s years in Orange and Blue to the fullest extent. Yes, there’s the Eric Gordon moment, but the rest of what I know about him I honestly learned yesterday.

And there’s a lot of questions still to be answered: What will the X’s and O’s look like from Frazier? Can he recruit (and secure recruits down the stretch)?

We’ll get these answered. Right now, unless the guy they hired had the name of Dee Brown, this was the right choice for this moment.