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Everything you need to know about Illinois’ Spring Game

Illinois is back to playing a spring game.

How to Watch Illinois’ 2021 Spring Game

Game Time: 7 p.m. CT

TV Channel: BTN

Online Streaming: FoxSportsGO

Radio: All Illinois football games air live on radio in the Champaign (WDWS 1400) and Chicago markets (WLS 890). The game is also broadcasted on other stations throughout the state; check the Fighting Illini Radio Network for more information.

Odds: Don’t bet on the damn spring game. Just enjoy the fact that we have football.

Quick Hits:

Orange Team

  • Who’s on the Orange Team: In the first half, it will be the First Team, so likely Brandon Peters and Co.
  • Points for the Orange Team count as normal.

Blue Team

  • Who’s on the Blue Team: In the first half, it will be everyone else on the Illini, so an offense likely led by Isaiah Williams.
  • Points for the Blue Team will count double.
  • Full rosters will be released Monday.

What Happened Last Time

Well, Lovie Smith didn’t believe in Spring Games. Also, the 2020 version was canceled due to the pandemic. But Bret Bielema is our head coach now! So, spring game!

What Other Rules Should I Know About?

  • The first and third quarters will end with a field goal shootout, where the kickers will get four kicks in competition. Each made kick counts for three points for either team.
  • There will be no live kickoff returns or punt returns. Some returns will feature “look teams” with no-contact players in white uniforms.
  • Full tackling on all players except the quarterbacks. The quarterbacks will be in white jerseys and will not be hit.

Why Else Should I Watch/Go?

Yes, you can GO to the game! If you have a free ticket, you can park in the NW and SW lots at State Farm Center, as well as E-14 on the southwest corner of First and Kirby. No tailgating, though! Gates open at 6 p.m.

Once you’re in the game, get that mask on.

But you can take it off to eat, and concessions will be open in the Great West Hall.

The Marching Illini and the Illini Cheerleaders will also be performing! It’s exciting!

Oh, and remember the basketball team?

Yeah, they’re going to be honored during the game and display the Big Ten Tournament Championship banner.