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You know who else is annoying, Hunter Dickinson?

Welcome to Big Ten Media Days.

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

He’s so obsessed with us.

Michigan big man Hunter Dickinson took another shot at Illinois and the Illini fanbase on Thursday at Big Ten Media Days.

Here’s what he said.

Yes, the questions were sent to Dickinson by reporters at the event, so I guess some of this is all manufactured — it’s Big Ten Media Days, of course — but he didn’t have to go out here still making beef seven months after the Illini beat the Wolverines.

Remember what happened that day, by the way?

Illinois won by 23 and Dickinson (and Michigan’s Big Three as a whole) were stifled.

But, hey, Michigan won the Big Ten, so who are Illinois fans to talk, right?!

The two teams will square off in Champaign on Jan. 14 and in Ann Arbor on Feb. 27.

Can’t wait.