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Illinois really outscored Northwestern by 40 in the second half

That happened.

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Northwestern Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever Brad Underwood said in the locker room struck a chord with the Illini, because we may never see another half like that one.

In the second half of Illinois’ game on Thursday night in Evanston, the Illini outscored the Wildcats by 40. Illinois scored 53. Northwestern scored 13.

Here’s just a collection of thoughts and tweets in the wake of that.

  • Northwestern made two shots in the second half. Two. Shots. In 20 minutes. (They made some free throws, but two baskets from the floor). What.
  • Kofi nearly matched Northwestern’s second half performance.
  • “Not surprised we could go on a run like that,” Kofi said after the game. Meanwhile, during the game, he was bringing the energy. And hugging AD Josh Whitman (postgame).
  • Jon Rothstein gave Illinois a saying after it.
  • Barstool Sports’ Big Cat bet on the game and was happy the Illini won.

We’re all in shock to be honest. What the hell was that.

What a half. This team is good.