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20 Things We Learned from Ayo’s Decision to Return


NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

1.Ayo is coming back.

2. Whoever is making Ayo’s videos is really, really good at them. I was iffy on the text message one to announce he was declaring for the Draft, but I think I was just emotional then.

3. Superstar incoming point guard is A-OK with Ayo’s decision.

4. Ayo has a teammate named Kock Cockburn. (Forreal, Kofi, come back tomorrow.)

5. If Ayo increased his scoring output as a junior, he’d average 20 points per game. He has enough weapons next year that that should be more than enough.

6. You need to mask up. If you’re reading this, put on a mask. We want to watch basketball.

7. There’s a new hashtag. I guess #UnfinishedBusiness was finished. Now #LetsMakeHistory.

8. TCR photographer Evan McClintock is very excited to take more photos of Ayo.

9. Assuming Kofi returns (we don’t know that yet), Illinois is out of scholarships for the 2020-21 season. Thanks, Brandon Lieb, for filling that spot.

10. Did Tyler Underwood know this when he decided to come back for year 6? We have a lot of unanswered questions.

11. This would be very Illinois.

12. The Big Ten could have four top-10 teams to start this season: Michigan State, Maryland, Iowa and Illinois. And Luka Garza from the Hawkeyes hasn't announced his decision to come back yet. The Big Ten is back.

13. Ayo’s decision sets up Illinois to become the first Big Ten national champ in 20 years.

14. To be honest, I had given up hope on Ayo coming back. He even told our podcast guys on Oskee Talk he was “100% locked in on the draft.”

15. Did Ayo really turn down the NBA Combine? That’s very selective to be honest.

16. Ayo is still young for his age. He can definitely be a first-round pick next year.

17. Ayo can win national player of the year next year, if we’re being honest.

18. Brad Underwood and Co. are doing something right if players like Ayo want to keep coming back to him.

19. Anything for more Ayo and Giorgi. Giorgi was almost the last one standing from his class only two years in.

20. Ayo Dosunmu bleeds orange and blue. And his number might end up in the rafters.