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Milo Eifler, Mike Epstein speak out about potential dangers of playing during pandemic

The Illini players are using their voices.

NCAA Football: Akron at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Lovie Smith returned to his office in the Smith Center for the first time in months earlier this week.

But Wednesday, some Illinois players spoke out on Twitter about the potential dangers of having to play college football in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

It started when Illinois linebacker Milo Eifler tweeted this.

Running back Mike Epstein followed, saying he wants to play “more than anything,” but believes there’s a price to pay.

Other Illini followed Eifler and Epstein’s lead.

Of course, Illinois has put a lot of plans into place to quarantine players when they arrive on campus and keep them safe throughout the summer, but, as is the case across the country, there’s a lot of questions about what happens when the season actually starts.

Eifler followed up with a second tweet, too, asking for college football players to “use your voice as a platform for change.”

Let’s see if other voices speak out now.