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House of ‘Paign adds Cory Bradford

The 41-year-old still has it.

ABA Liga

Cory Bradford might be pushing 42, but he still has it. And now he’ll be playing with guys half his age on Illinois’ The Basketball Tournament alumni team, House of ‘Paign.

The team made the announcement on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Bradford was playing at Illinois before most of the current team was even born, starting back in 1997. But he’s been playing basketball ever since, most recently this year in the Mexican league Basketball Circuit of the Pacific Coast.

He joins a star-studded alumni team with current international pros like Malcolm Hill and Nnanna Egwu, as well as recent grads like Michael Finke and Andres Feliz.

Not sure how much Bradford will play with this group, but like the tweet says, his experience and leadership should give House of ‘Paign a chance at $2 million this summer.