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University of Illinois moving all summer courses online

As a result, it puts fall sports at risk.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is suspending all in-person classes during the summer session and moving all courses online.

There’s not too much information available right now regarding this, but most on-campus buildings are closed currently (or limited to specific personnel only). Extend this into the summer, and you’re in a situation where athletes won’t be able to workout or train with teams over the summer.

If students can’t get on campus until August at the earliest, then you’re looking at no fall sports, including football, this year — at least in the fall.

The Big Ten and Illinois is not going to put athletes on the field after a missed summer of camp and just two weeks of fall camp. This really puts the football season in doubt as we know it.

Other Big Ten schools are making similar moves regarding summer courses Thursday, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison.