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You can get a cardboard cutout of yourself in Memorial Stadium

Let’s fill the stadium!

National League Wild Card Game 1: Milwaukee Brewers v. Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Robert Beck/MLB Photos via Getty Images

There won’t be regular fans inside Memorial Stadium this football season, but there will be cardboard ones!

Fans can purchase a package to have an image of themselves place in the stands for all four home games this season. DIA said cutouts will be placed in the East Main Stands and end zones, which are included in all TV and vide board camera angles.

If you want your cutout in East Main Sections 104-106, that’s the Prime Seats package, which is $99. The other packages include Sideline Seats ($77, East Main Sections 101-103 and 107-109) and End Zone ($50, Horseshoe or North End Zone Student Section).

Fans who purchased cutouts will be placed in weekly drawings for Illinois Athletics Prize Packs. For $50 extra, fans can add a Lovie Smith signature to the cutout AND get it send back after the season ends. Additional funds will be donated to the Bobby Roundtree Trust to assist in his ongoing medical expenses.

Orders need to be in by Oct. 16 to make sure your cutout is there for Week 2 against Purdue.