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Will Illinois actually win the Big Ten this season?

We asked, you answered.

Evan McClintock // The Champaign Room

We’re 40% of the way through the Big Ten slate, and Illinois is sitting basically at the top.

The Illini have already played the other four teams sitting in the top five in the conference standings, going 2-2 in those games, with one of those coming as a last-second loss on the road to a then-top-five Maryland and in East Lansing. Otherwise, Illinois is perfect so far.

Reminder: the schedule is about to be a gauntlet.

After a road game (and revenge game for them) at Michigan, the Illini welcome Minnesota to Champaign before a four-game streak against the conference’s four ranked teams.

Get through that six game trek, and the final six games aren’t as threatening (@ a good PSU, vs. a bad Nebraska, @ an awful Northwestern). It’s the last three that could get them (vs. Indiana, @ OSU, vs. Iowa), but if this team has something to play for, I wouldn't count them out.

Let’s go over that again.

Next six games: If you’re legit, go 3-3, if not 4-2. Now you’re sitting at 10-4 let’s say.

Win the next three. If you’re legit, you win those games. You’re at 13-4.

Win two of the final three. Finish off at 15-5.

That might do it when it comes to competing with Michigan State, especially if the Illini win their Feb. 11 matchup in Champaign.

But, my opinion means nothing. The Big Ten is tough as hell. What do you think?

MSU will win more games.

Illinois beat Purdue twice, so the Illini will certainly win it all.

No shooters, no chance. (AKA Roster Issues)