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Where to now?

At .500, what’s the path forward? Shrug.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not about to say anything that anybody else hasn’t said already, but really?

I’m not shutting the door on the Lovie Era (although, many of you understandably are) and I’m not giving up hope for a bowl game (although, I’m probably an idiot for feeling that way), but where does a program go from here? Memorial Stadium, under the lights, was filled to its greatest extent in several years, with thousands of students buzzing due to the free tickets. The stage was set with a Big Ten opener, and the Illini — for the most part — are playing at full strength (or at least what full strength will be this season).

And, on the second play from scrimmage, Reggie Corbin does Reggie Corbin things.

Four hours later, the Orange and Blue clad fans are dejected, the Cornhusker faithful are celebrating their first road win in nearly two years, and Illinois’ head coach is telling the media “We were content.” when it comes to not trying to score (AGAIN) before the half.

There’s literally no answers at this point. I don’t know the path forward. The play on the field had its terrible moments, even if the penalty count decreased significantly. The coaching staff still made some boneheaded mistakes, and the Illini — in true Illini fashion — couldn’t capitalize enough on four forced fumbles as they allowed more than 700 yards of offense.

I’m getting Snapchats and texts from friends who are still Illinois students tonight that they can’t even take it anymore. They don’t know what’s next. They just wanted one bowl.

No matter, what I think, that’s probably out of the question.

Where to now?

At least a week off from this.