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Players We're Hyped to See: Isaiah Williams

Fans will have to wait a bit, but the electric freshman will see the field in 2019.

The coaching staff won't be able to keep "One" off the field for very long.

He's just too dynamic an athlete to sit on the sidelines in a make or break season for Illinois.

Now, this isn't to discredit Brandon Peters. Based on early returns, he seems to be clearly head and shoulders above the other quarterbacks as a passer.

However, Williams is the future at the position, and he'll see the field sooner than later.

He's just such a terrifying player for defensive coordinators to game plan for. His running ability is the best Illini fans will have ever experienced at quarterback. Bar none.

You watch him two or three times in practice do things that simply take your breath away. I went to a couple of the open practices during training camp, and I can tell you, it's legitimately eye-popping.

He also seems, for all intents and purposes, to be an exemplary student who won't shy away from the big moments. He's got that edge that you want in a quarterback. All those intangible leadership qualities that make great quarterbacks.

William's biggest obstacle will be his passing accuracy. He has the ability to make every throw. His timing and keeping the ball out of danger will be paramount to his ultimate success. You won't win many games when you throw to the other team. Throughout training camp, there were way too many thrown into harm's way.

That of course will improve with practice and patience, and sitting behind a guy like Peters, who excels in those areas, will only benefit Williams in allowing the game to slow down. Because when it all clicks, watch out.

The future lies with "One", and the skies the limit. Eventually, he'll be carving up defenses like this: