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Everything Illinois fans need to know about Big Ten Media Days

Football season is almost here.

Illinois v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Whatever this offseason has been for Illinois Football is finally over!

Big Ten Media Days kick off in Chicago on Thursday, and they start with a bang (and a beard??).

The coverage starts on Big Ten Network at 11 a.m. CT Thursday — just moments before Lovie takes the stage for the first of 14 head coaches. What’s he going to be asked? Probably several things.

  • How does he feel about the state of recruiting?
  • How does Illinois respond after another bowl-less season?
  • How do the Illini feel the impact of the loss of Bobby Roundtree?

Those are the big ones. These things aren’t usually very fun (I went to two of them, I would know).

Also highlighting Thursday’s coaches are new OSU head man Ryan Day, Nebraska coach Scott Frost and former Illinois coach and now Maryland head coach Mike Locksley.

Nate Hobbs, Reggie Corbin and Alex Palczewski are Illinois’ player representatives, and there probably weren’t any better choices out there. Hobbs has a great attitude; Corbin is the embodiment of a college athlete; and Palczewski is being tasked with taking on Nick Allegretti’s leadership this season on the line.

As for anything else you should know? Eh.

It’s Big Ten Media Days. It’s not super exciting.

But you should be excited about the opening fall practices again starting in August. Check those out here.