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Remember Him? Bubba Chisholm

The hero we needed, but not the one we deserved.

Writing “Remember Him?” pieces for TCR are some of my favorites. It’s a fun challenge to go back far enough that fans may have forgotten a particular player, but not so far back enough that I am not familiar with them at all. Of course, I try and avoid picking household names (Calvin Brock, Shaun Pruitt, etc.) becuase those are guys that everyone remembers. I think of it as part of mission as a “lowercase j” sports blogger to give some homage to the guys that wore orange and blue, but perhaps did not have all the notoriety of the Brandon Pauls or Demetri McCameys of the world.

Enter Andrew “Bubba” Chisholm. (Note: I did not know his first name was actually Andrew before I wrote this.) Listed at 5-foo-11, 180 pounds — which for context is basically my build with a few extra pounds — it’s safe to say he was a pretty standard guy in terms of size.

Bubba was a Champaign native who spent his first two years of college ball at Lincoln Land Community College, earning NJCAA Academic All-American honors during his tenure. He then walked on at Illinois to continue his athletic and academic career, and earned a unique nickname from a particular fan: The Human Victory Cigar.

According to a 2010 article from the Rockford Register Star, Bubba said he earned this nickname because “when I get in, the game is already over.” That’s legendary stuff right there.

The stats that Bubba accumulated during his career at Illinois were not the stuff of legends, as he garnered just 0.4 points per game in 26 appearances in his two seasons with the Illini. However, students who have walked around Campustown will likely remember him for something else: his autographed poster that is framed in the D.P. Dough shop on Green and Locust Streets.

Adorned on the western wall at that fateful shop where so many hangovers were prevented is a poster of Bubba taking the ball up the court, which a nice message to Steve (who I imagine was the worker who knew Bubba’s regular order):

“Nothing gets me ready to sit the bench like some pre-game D.P. Dough.”

Again, truly legendary stuff here.

Perhaps Bubba won’t be remembered by fans for his play on the court, but I guarantee he will be remembered by students for about as long as D.P. Dough is open.