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Illinois alum James Holzhauer is making Jeopardy! history

Woo! Go Illini!

San Jose Sharks v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Six Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Illinois alum James Holzhauer has broken Jeopardy!

And being an Illinois blog — and it being the offseason for a majority of sports — it seems like the perfect time to update you on Jeopardy James, who won his 21st straight game on Thursday night, moving into second place all-time for consecutive wins.

Three weeks ago, when I tweeted this ESPN story because I saw that he went to Illinois, I didn’t think he would become one of the most talked about people on the Internet.

How little I knew.

There’s tons of articles out there about Holzhauer right now. A simple Google or Twitter search will bring them up for you. CNN is doing live updates on the show on its website. ESPN has covered it on its front page several times, and he did an interview with Scott Van Pelt.

But, through all this, I’m seeing more about his dreams of working in a MLB front office and being a sports bettor than his hometown of Naperville (#Dirty630) and his time spent in Champaign (a 2005 grad with a mathematics degree).

So, James, come on the blog — or our pod (Oskee Talk) — and let’s talk about the Illini for a minute. It’s the only thing I want for graduation at this point.