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Illinois and Cal’s Redbox Bowl T-Shirt isn’t great


Twitter: @Brett_McMurphy

Of course, Illinois makes a bowl for the first time in five years, and then has quite possible either the worst (or best, because it’s so bad) shirt of all-time made for their bowl game.

Let’s start off with the factual error on the shirt. Cal State is not the University of California-Berkeley. This is like putting Illinois State on the shirt. What?

Illinois’ helmet is a bit off. Just doesn’t look absolutely great.

Speaking of jerseys, let’s check out those two silhouette players. One of them is wearing gold, and it’s pretty close to Cal’s jersey. The Illinois one? Sure, they couldn’t get to use the Nike designs, but, WOW, that is not the right design of shade of orange. Yuck.

On the note of colors, look at all of the colors! You have Treasure Island (or Alcatraz?), the Full House houses, the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco skyline, a tall building? Two Redbox vape cartridges with fire coming out of them? A WordArt “REDBOX BOWL” rainbowing the entire thing.

It’s a work of art when it comes down to it.

Just not the work of art you’re going to drop $25 for at Levi’s Field.

Go Cal State!