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Donny Navarro surprised with scholarship

Congrats, Donny!

Rutgers v Illinois Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Illinois walk-on wide receiver Donny Navarro is no longer a walk-on wideout.

He was surprised with a scholarship Thursday during a team meeting.

Navarro has actually been one of the Illini’s most productive pass-catchers this season, notably scoring the first touchdown on Wisconsin’s first-half defense all season and that ridiculous catch around a defensive back against Rutgers.

When asked last month by our Mariah Guzman for this story, Navarro said his mind wasn’t on getting a scholarship, like walk-on long-snapper Ethan Tabel got earlier this year.

“Right now my concern is getting better each day,” Navarro said. “Looking at film everyday and practicing hard. Doing any extra work that I can.”

Well, keep working hard, Donny. You’re making us all proud!