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Brown finishes what Peters’ long run starts

The sneaky QB set up Illinois with a Golden Opportunity

Brad Repplinger - The Champaign Room

Brandon Peters has been acclaimed all year long for being more athletic than people think. Known more for his arm, the Illini quarterback did his best Michael Vick impression to set the Illini up with a goal-to-go situation.

Peters had Dre Brown for a potential option, but decided to keep it himself and scamper for 54 yards toward the endzone.

The unfortunate thing for Peters was he needed 56 yards to score, running out of gas and getting tripped up at the 2-yard line.

Touchdown machine Dre Brown hammered it in the end zone a play later, for his second score of the day. But that did not take away from the longest run of Peters’ career.

Two minutes later? Nate Hobbs scrambles and scores on the turnover.