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Navarro’s 48-yard catch sets up a Dre Brown score

BP and Navarro are showing off early.

Brad Reppplinger - The Champaign Room

A week ago, Brandon Peters was just 3-of-6 for 26 yards through the air in a soaking wet contest against Purdue.

On Saturday, Peters’ first completion out-gained his total from last week by 22 yards. He lofted up a 48-yard bomb to Donny Navarro and set the Illini up with a chance to strike first in the #Illinutgers rivalry.

The sophomore receiver made an acrobatic catch with a Rutgers defender draped on his back, and motored for some yards after the catch.

It was a thing of beauty; see for yourself.

Two plays later, Dre Brown capped off the drive with a ten yard rush for his third rushing score of the year.