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Pulse of Illini Nation: Describing 2019 So Far

It’s been down. And up.

Illinois v Purdue Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Illinois’ 2019 season has had its lowest lows (EMU) — and its highest highs (the past two weeks).

It’s tough to define, so we left it up to you. How would you describe this year so far?

This is a good place to start.

But after a slow start, it is...

And losing at first and now winning is...

So, if they’re trending up, they are...

With the wins, Illinois is suddenly...

Because this team just keeps..

And now we’re all a bit...

So this season might now be so...

Now the best three:

(Definition: having the form of a sine curve)
(Definition: divide into two branches or forks)
(Definition: adequate)

What word would you use? Let us know in the comments!