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Lovie Smith Week Nine Quotables

Lovie Smith’s comments after the upset win against Wisconsin

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Illinois won the biggest upset of the year last weekend against Wisconsin, here’s what Lovie Smith had to say:

“It is a lot better talking after a win. A lot of good things happened this weekend. Just really pumped up for the team.”

“Homecoming last year, we were embarrassed by Purdue. Get a chance to redeem yourself. You want to stack wins, as much as anything.”

“We want to bring in more recruits. Part of equation is putting a better product on the football field. When you beat the No. 6 team in the country, that says you have a better product on the football field.”

“What statistics really matter? Offensively, explosive plays. Defensively and team-wise, it’s turnover ratio.”

On Defense:

“Nate Hobbs played his best game. Didn’t have a lot chances to make a play on the ball, but had his best tackling game.”

“Only allowed four explosive plays, lower than it had been. Most of the time, guys have been in gaps, playing hard. Can’t miss tackles. Didn’t do that this game.”

On Offense:

“Our offense really stepped up to the plate Dre Brown, Reggie Corbin, and our offensive line.”

“Donny has had to earn it the hard way. Coming in without a scholarship, just making people take notice.”

“We really don’t tinker an awful lot. If we make a move we don’t plan to change it.”

On Jake Hansen:

“Jake Hansen’s just played outstanding football.

“Jake shows up on time, ready to work. You know what you are going to get from him every time.”
“I think that guys look at what you do not just what you say. When people make plays people take notice.”

On Bobby Roundtree:

“Bobby is with us daily throughout, involved. He’s pumped.”

Offensive Coordinator Rod Smith:

“Honestly, it meant more for the kids than it did for me, but I’m not gonna lie it was fun.”

“We have a 24-hour rule. You enjoy it for 24-hours and then you move on.”

“The air taste a lot better, food taste a lot better, it’s natural when you are winning.”

“Only converted two third downs. That drives me nuts. But the two we completed were huge plays.”

“Casey Washington ‘ahead of the curve.’ Pretty good player right now as a freshman.”