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Here’s a bunch of Illinois stuff from Big Ten Media Day

It’s basketball season!

Twitter: @IlliniMBB

Big Ten Media Day was Wednesday in Chicago for the 2019-20 Men’s Basketball season!

We weren’t there, and we’re guessing you weren’t too, so here’s a bunch of stuff you missed today.

The day started off well with Ayo Dosunmu being named to the All-Big Ten First Team.

Dosunmu, Giorgi Bezhanishvili and Trent Frazier repped the Orange and Blue in Chicago with Brad Underwood.

Brad said the right things.

He also talked about us: the fans! And our suffering!

Enough about Brad. Let’s actually hear some voices.

So, the day ended well.

Giorgi didn’t have any Giorgi moments, but his suit was nice.

Ya know, it’s nice to finally have a core.

But, you didn’t miss much. But did you even remember Juwan Howard was coaching Michigan now???