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That’s what I call a Homecoming

That was fun.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Illinois USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it’s me. Your friendly neighborhood TCR Site Manager who now lives in Madison, Wisconsin (aka Badgers territory).

So, I could usually just walk 15 minutes from my apartment to Camp Randall — and if I didn’t work on Saturdays, I’d usually be at Wisconsin games.

But I work Saturdays, so I took one weekend off from my job, drove four hours on a Friday morning to Champaign, and decided to cover my first Illinois football game.

And this is what I get? Well, that made this well worth it.

That’s the point of Homecoming right? To return to a place where I see friendly faces everywhere and familiar sights. I get to relive some of the best times of my life at Illini games, even if many of them were putrid and awful, like 63-0.

But it’s the love for a university that brings you back. It makes you drive down I-39 and take PTO to see all of that, and just the chance to enjoy a game.

This is word jumble — think whatever Robert’s From The Stands will be today. But I leave you with a story:

I’m staying this weekend with Tristen Kissack, the current site manager. I’m an early riser, and I woke up around 7 a.m. today. He didn’t wake until like 8:30. But when he came downstairs to grab a towel (yea, I don’t know). And I told him, “It’s going to happen today.”

He didn’t believe me.

But, hey, it happened.