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WKYHSI Ep. 35: Another loss on the court, but some big recruiting wins.

We lost again......BUT KOFI COCKBURN!

Welcome to the “We Know You Have Sand Illinois” Podcast, part of the TCR Podcast Channel.

First off, KOFI COCKBURN WHOOOO! We recorded this podcast just before Cockburn committed to Illinois yesterday because Matt wanted to watch this team called the Bears for some reason, but he and Brandon still ran through what he will mean for the Illini.

But to start, Matt and Brandon talk about the newest member of the Illinois Football team (0:00-14:36), then get to talking about Cockburn (14:36-21:30), and wrap it up with a discussion of yet another two losses for the Illini bringing MBB’s record to 4-11 and 0-4 in B1G play.

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