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TCR I-Team Reviews Evidence That Jeff Thomas Is In Champaign (UPDATING)

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Investigative journalism.

Our investigative journalism department is hard at work bringing you the latest updates in the whereabouts of phenomenally talented possible-Illinois-transfer-but-also-possible-guy-that-got-reinstated-at-Miami WR Jeff Thomas.

Less than an hour ago, the I-Team received this tip:

This led us straight to the Zapruder film of this saga: a selfie video of Thomas in a classroom.


Stephen Cohn: The chair doesn’t look familiar at all. That desk is in a lot of classrooms.

Orri Benatar: Miami started classes today also...Is it the classic wood color attached to the chair?

Cohn: No it’s like the 2 person long desks, and then it’d have a rolling chair.

Benatar: But he is wearing a sweatshirt...Something most don’t wear in Miami. So by weather standards, he’s at Illinois.

Michael Berns: Sweatshirts are definitely wearable in 60F weather

Matt O’Neall: Letterman jackets tho

Raul Rodriguez: It was 65 this morning in Miami. It is currently 78 but the classrooms might be cold regardless of the weather.

Cohn: Do we think he still brings his high school letterman jacket to Miami? I’d say no.

Thumpasaurus: I’d argue that he would; this behavior would fit the profile we’ve been building. There is at this point no forensic evidence to rule out him being in Champaign; the only evidence we have thus far (Jeff Thomas is currently in a classroom, and might be chilly) points to him being there.

We’ll have more as this story develops.