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TCR I-Team Reviews Evidence That Jeff Thomas Is In Champaign (UPDATING)

Investigative journalism.

Our investigative journalism department is hard at work bringing you the latest updates in the whereabouts of phenomenally talented possible-Illinois-transfer-but-also-possible-guy-that-got-reinstated-at-Miami WR Jeff Thomas.

Less than an hour ago, the I-Team received this tip:

This led us straight to the Zapruder film of this saga: a selfie video of Thomas in a classroom.


Stephen Cohn: The chair doesn’t look familiar at all. That desk is in a lot of classrooms.

Orri Benatar: Miami started classes today also...Is it the classic wood color attached to the chair?

Cohn: No it’s like the 2 person long desks, and then it’d have a rolling chair.

Benatar: But he is wearing a sweatshirt...Something most don’t wear in Miami. So by weather standards, he’s at Illinois.

Michael Berns: Sweatshirts are definitely wearable in 60F weather

Matt O’Neall: Letterman jackets tho

Raul Rodriguez: It was 65 this morning in Miami. It is currently 78 but the classrooms might be cold regardless of the weather.

Cohn: Do we think he still brings his high school letterman jacket to Miami? I’d say no.

Thumpasaurus: I’d argue that he would; this behavior would fit the profile we’ve been building. There is at this point no forensic evidence to rule out him being in Champaign; the only evidence we have thus far (Jeff Thomas is currently in a classroom, and might be chilly) points to him being there.

We’ll have more as this story develops.