Gun to Your Head, How Many Games Do the Illini Win the Rest of the Year?


The Fighting Illini men's basketball team (0-5 conference, 4-12 overall) are officially dead last in the Big Ten conference. Surely expecting them to win against #2 Michigan last night would have been foolish, but last place is last place.

Now, things aren't all bad. A quick, few bright spots: While Michigan never seemed particularly troubled last night, it wasn't a blow out, which is...something.

Ayo Dosunmu is the only one who plays fearless, just-try-to-stop-me-from-getting-to-the-rim basketball. With the recent Disappearance of Trent Frazier (he scored 13 last night, but only shot 10 times, the same number as Kipper, smh), Ayo has been carrying the scoring load. His 23-point outing against the Wolverines last night shows he can get it done against pretty much any competition.

Giorgi had a decent night, confirming what we already knew: when he can manage to stay out of foul trouble he can be a real contributor to this team. As for Frazier, I imagine he will find his rhythm again. He's too good a player not to have some huge games.

And then there's, uh, the fact that Aaron Jordan (he followed up his goose egg against Northwestern with 3 points last night) is graduating? And Coach Underwood has some talent coming in? I don't know, man. It's going to be hard to keep enthusiasm levels up for the rest of the season I'm afraid.

With that in mind, let's play psychic and take a guess at how many games the Illini will win in the second half of the season, using extensive analytics and inherent genius.

Game by Game

vs. Minnesota: Eh, maybe?

@ Iowa: Probably not.

vs. Wisconsin: Very doubtful.

@ Maryland: Nah.

@ Minnesota: Nope.

vs. Nebraska: I could see a close win, I guess.

vs. Michigan State: LMAO

vs. Rutgers: Please god, PLEASE.

@ Ohio State: I could see an upset -- LOL just kidding.

@ Wisconsin: That's a no from me dog.

vs. Penn State: By god they better.

@ Purdue: Carson Edwards ain't gonna let that happen.

vs. Northwestern: Revenge win, I hope.

vs. Indiana: O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? O there thou are, driving by everyone for another basket. (No.)

@ Penn State: Would be really nice to finish league play with a win, so, sure...?

Out of the remaining 15 games, I count 6 they should/might possibly win. Let's throw in a surprise and call it 7, getting Illinois to 11 wins on the season (barf). I'm setting the over/under at 5.5. Please place your bets below. If you feel they will win more than 7, explain yourself.

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