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Big Ten Fantasy Week 4

Check out which Illinois Player Made the List!

Penn State v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images


Week Winner: Shea Patterson, Michigan v. Nebraska

Patterson is starting to get more comfortable in the Michigan offense, making quicker reads, not letting the combination game slow him down, and because of that familiarity, touchdowns are actually a thing in Ann Arbor. Patterson is also starting to play favorites and pumping the ball to former 5-star recruit Donovan Peoples-Jones, and that combination resulted in three touchdowns alone last week. Prediction - 325 passing yards, 4 TDs

Bench ‘Em: Nate Stanley, Iowa v. Wisconsin

The Wisconsin defense is extremely well coached and coming off a loss. Stanley has pretty good weapons, but if they’re taken away, the big play isn’t something that Iowa can rely on. Iowa would also love to play this one in the muck - evidenced by the 43.5 over/under.

Keep an Eye on: Brian Lewerke, Michigan State v. Indiana

The Indiana offense is going to put points on the board, and the defense isn’t going to stop anyone. Lewerke is the sole beneficiary of all those glorious points, as LJ Scott continues to prove himself a JAG (just a guy).

Running Back

Week Winner: Miles Sanders, Penn State v. Illinois

Penn State is a 28-point favorite over Illinois on Friday night. While Illinois is substantially more stout than last season, they haven’t played a line like Penn State’s or a back like Sanders yet this season. If we grant the Nittany Lions are going to be winning by multiple scores, Sanders is going to be relied upon to keep the lead and bleed the clock - with that, he’ll probably pop a few long runs off. Prediction - 175 yards, 2 TDs

Bench ‘Em: Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin v. Iowa

Taylor will still probably go over 100 and score a touchdown, but if you’re relying on him for the 250 plus in DFS, you’re not going to get it. The Iowa defense will be solely focused on stopping Taylor and trying to rip the ball away, as his fumbling problems are widely known.

Keep an Eye on: Mike Weber, Ohio State v. Tulane

Ohio State is awesome, and they’re going to blow out Tulane. That means Dobbins is going to get his, but Weber is just about as good, and is the guy that will be in for the most garbage time, after the poor kids from Tulane have been demoralized and road-graded.

Wide Receiver

Week Winner: Tyler Johnson, Minnesota v. Maryland

Johnson has turned into one of the best receivers in the conference, and is going against a defense that just lost to Temple. No coach, as hard as it is to admit, is better at developing and then taking advantage of his receivers as PJ Fleck. Tyler Johnson is coming off a three touchdown performance last week. Prediction - 155 yards, 1 TD.

Bench ‘Em: Juwan Johnson, Penn State v. Illinois

Juwan Johnson had a goose egg performance last week in a game where Penn State scored 61 points. While he’s incredibly talented and looks like a racehorse, he isn’t the player most thought he’d develop into. The younger receivers have started to assert themselves in this offense with McSorley, who is an equal opportunist quarterback.

Keep an Eye on: Danny Davis, Wisconsin v. Iowa

Back from suspension, Davis worked himself back slowly last week with four receptions for 40 yards. The Wisconsin offense is in need of a receiver to step up next to AJ Taylor, and it’s going to be Davis sooner than later.

Tight End

Week Winner: Louis Dorsey, Illinois v. Penn State

I didn’t copy and paste this week, and I’m rolling the dice that Illinois’ best players are going to be brought back from suspension. If that’s the case, we’ll see just how much Dorsey opens up the Illinois offense. With Illinois likely losing, they’ll be throwing. Prediction - 75 yards, 1 TD

Bench ‘Em: Jake Ferguson, Wisconsin v. Iowa

I like Ferguson, but Iowa has a really tall defensive line, making it tougher to work the middle of the field where Ferguson patrols.

Keep an Eye on: Noah Fant, Iowa v. Wisconsin

I mean, he’s the best tight end in the country. The only reason he’s down here is because I’m so excited to see Dorsey back.


Defense of the Week: Ohio State v. Tulane

This is a pretty tough week for Big Ten defenses, that and a few aren’t as good as originally anticipated. Ohio State has scheduled well and has a cupcake to feast on post TCU, I don’t think it will be a shutout, but they should hold Tulane to a low point total and gather a host of sacks.

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