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Pulse of the Nation: Direction of the Program

Most of you feel better or the same after Saturday’s game.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

We got a LOT of responses after this week’s #IlliniPulse question on Twitter.

Either you feel better, worse, or the same about the direction of the football program after the Illini faced South Florida at Soldier Field. I, for one, felt just a hair better about the program after getting to go into the game in person.

The results were pretty consistent:

The Same

I can only assume this means the same.

Thanks for the reality check, guy:


The majority of folks responding did feel better about the direction of the program, which I would’ve subscribed to as well.

Some people are taking the positivity with a grain of salt, though:

I may not have put it this way, but sure:

This next one I actually agree with.

Thanks for this:

Actually, there were hardly any that said worse. So, I guess we are mostly in agreement that things at least do not look worse moving forward.

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