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Pulse of Illini Nation: Outlook At 2-0?

How does Illini nation feel about Illinois winning one or two Big Ten games in 2018?

NCAA Football: Western Illinois at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend, our Fighting Illini marched on to 2-0, keeping those National Championship aspirations alive and kicking. However, more importantly, the rest of the Big Ten continued to show Illini Nation that Illinois may not be in the Big Ten cellar for much longer.

In Week Two, future 2018 opponent Purdue lost to Eastern Michigan — that powerhouse bottom-feeder program out of the MAC — and Minnesota barely defeated Fresno State, needing a late touchdown and pick to seal the deal. Two opponents that showed they have what it takes to live in the Big Ten basement, a quaint little home the Illini have been unfortunate enough to occupy for quite some time.

So the question was simple, and as always, Illini Nation was happy to assist.

Your responses ranged from mockery (34-14 with two interceptions and a blocked punt return for a touchdown isn’t how I would measure ‘struggle’, but you do you, Michael.)... the Vegas expected 1-2 Big Ten wins

I like Karlene. I agree with Karlene.

Some people are working on nicknames for the squad, while also admitting this team is far from full strength.

Someone get me a ‘Reefer Boys’ shirt made up. Who at Fourth and Kirby do I need to get in contact with?

Some of you, however, have higher hopes than 1-2 wins...

Oh don’t worry. Tracey explained herself. She is a good human.

For those keeping track, Tracey is now at five Big Ten wins. I like the optimism.

Some people....well some people know how the regular season is going to go already...

And some people can see in to the future all the way to January 2019

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