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Opposing Players We're Dreading: Maryland’s Kasim Hill

Maryland’s dual-threat quarterback primed for big year.

Maryland v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Maryland football has a lot to figure out right now.

In the wake of allegations of player mistreatment, which led to the death of lineman Jordan McNair, several prominent coaches, including head coach DJ Durkin, have been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.

It's a horrible story that should never have occurred, and it feels wrong to prognosticate on a program going through so much internal strife.

That being said, the football season for the Terrapins will march on, with or without its current administration.

There is plenty of reason to be excited about the team for Maryland fans, as well. One of which is their potential star quarterback Kasim Hill.

Rated one of the better pro-style quarterbacks in the class of 2017, Hill hails from the DC area, where he earned himself Elite 11 quarterback camp accolades and a spot in the Under Armour All-American game.

He's not just a pocket passer, either, as his legs are becoming more and more dangerous. The 6-foot-3, 230-pound athlete has put on some muscle and is built like a tank (for a QB). His arm will earn him the starter's nod, but his ability to elude defenders and his footwork will propel him to elite status.

Illinois, traditionally, has had many problems defending against the mobile quarterback. Dating back to the Michael Robinson Penn State days, Illinois just has not had the athletes on defense to counteract a QB who can take off at the drop of a hat. Too many instances of losing contain, or not tracking the quarterback with spy coverage has cost Illinois dearly, especially in recent years.

Well, Illinois will get all it can handle from Hill and this Maryland offense. The defense is slowly starting to take the shape Lovie Smith demands, but it's still in rebuild mode and they will struggle still when a quarterback decides to tuck it and run.

Kasim Hill will cause us fits, even with the program potentially in flux. He's shown a limited amount of Big Ten level talent, but the upside is there to have a ascendant season and put himself on the national map. He reminds me very much of AJ Bush, who will probably meet Hill in their matchup in October. Let's just hope Illinois has learned from its past mistakes.

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