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WKYHSI Podcast Episode 2: “The state of the sleeping giant”

We talk about offense, defense, coaching, and...drool?

Brad Repplinger - TCR

Welcome to the “We Know You Have Sand, Illinois” podcast, part of the TCR Podcast Channel.

This is the second episode! Topics include:

- 0:00 Big Ten Coaches Talking About Illini Football for 2018

- 6:07 Rod Smith Offense Talk and Breakdown

- 12:30 Will this uptempo offense kill the defense?

- 14:04 What did last year’s defense look like?

- 17:27 Linebacker talk

- 18:50 Defensive leaders for 2018

- 22:32 How can this defense keep create wins?

- 24:07 Defensive line bluechip recruits Verdis Brown and Calvin Avery

- 25:55 Schedule skim/Opponent breakdown (Minnesota)

- 28:05 Our expectations of the 2018 Illini defense

- 30:46 Life after Mike Phair...

- 35:21 Defensive Wrap-Up

- 37:35 Jeff Brohm vs PJ Fleck

- 40:30 The State of the Sleeping Giant

  • - 41:55 Outro

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