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Top 7 Sections to Sit in at Memorial Stadium

Where should you sit?

Illinois Fighting Illini vs Ohio State Buckeyes Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

Memorial Stadium is basic. Not basic like a sorority girl with her hair up and a latte from Espresso on a Tuesday afternoon in Lincoln Hall. No, it’s just simple. Look at its ‘symmetry.’


By my count, there are 55 different sections to sit in at Memorial Stadium, and these are the top 7 (because odd numbers > even numbers) ranked in no specific way other than how I feel.

7. Section 107

Section 107 is usually the start of where you’ll start to see opposing fan bases sitting, so it’s a great place to make some new friends. They might even take you in as their own, and if Illinois loses, you still win — new friends AND you would be rooting for the victors.

6. Section 231

Not a bad spot, if we’re being honest. You can see the entire field from this smaller section, plus you’re close to one of the columns. That’s cool, right? Also not too far from Block I, in case you wanted to relive the glory days.

5. Section 173

Speaking of Block I, just sit in Block I! But don’t sit in the middle, you’ll be asked to do too much stuff. If you’re sitting in the corner (especially toward the top) you can look like this guy.

4. Section 116

Section 116 is directly behind the goalpost, so if the netting somehow rips when Chase McLaughlin is kicking a field goal, then you could potentially catch a ball. Also, you’re directly in the face of the Marching Illini, who are 120 yards away from you, so you can hear Oskee-Wow-Wow super easily.

3. Section 127

You thought the section closest to the field, right behind Illinois’ bench and on the 50-yard line would be ideal territory and rank No. 1 on this list? Wrong. You can’t see Lovie’s luscious beard from this section, which certainly dropped it a few spots.

2. Section 117

We’re really getting down to the nitty gritty here. There isn’t too much of a difference between Section 116 and 117, except for that Section 117 is one number higher, and certainly much better. This is a good time to remind you that the renovations to the seating in this end zone are still not happening.

1. Section 205

This is absolutely prime territory. You’re going to have space to spread out your legs. If you bring binoculars, then you can point out Lovie’s beard. If you’re in the top rows, you can look out of the stadium and see campus from a bird’s-eye view, as well as the practice field renovations. Restrooms are accessible. You get a workout hiking up the ramps to the upper sections. Section 205 is perfect.

What’s your favorite section to sit in? Where are your season tickets?