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Greg Eboigbodin announces transfer to Northeastern

The forward transferred in June.

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Eboigbodin announced his intent to transfer from Illinois in June, and now he’ll be heading to Northeastern University. He announced his commitment on Monday via Twitter.

Eboigbodin will have to sit out one year and then have three years to play.

Eboigbodin was a late addition to Brad Underwood’s first class last summer, and he played in 30 games, starting two of them during Michael Finke’s concussion.

He had a career-high 10 points at Michigan in January and made 24 of his 37 shots in conference play.

Considered very raw, it seemed like Eboigbodin would have a good chance to get a lot of playing time in his sophomore campaign with the transfer of Michael Finke and Leron Black deciding to go pro.

From our Player Review on Eboigbodin in March:

Eboigbodin surpassed a lot of people’s expectations. It did not necessarily translate to winning yet, but there is hope for the future.

With a player like Spicy G you don’t always know what you are going to get until you see him on the floor. There are plenty of flaws and areas for improvement in his game, but he showed flashes this year that he can hang with skilled and experienced Big Ten players.

I’m excited by what Eboigbodin can bring to this team. He made a great first impression in his freshman season and left us all wondering if his ceiling is higher than we originally thought.

And from our Eboigbodin Endgame article in late March:

Spicy G has the opportunity to shine in Brad Underwood’s system — block shots, run rim to rim, and roll to the basket in the halfcourt. This is all right up Ebo’s alley.

He fits the mold perfectly, and there is plenty of opportunity for playing time with Finke and Black leaving. I wouldn’t be surprised to see averages of 7-9 points a game, 5-6 rebounds, and 1-2 blocks.

Good luck to Spicy G on his new team!