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Breaking News: #LovieBeard is back!

The valiant return!

Twitter: @arouxBTN

It debuted this winter, and it was everything we never knew we needed. Lovie Smith’s beard came and went quickly, as most good things do.

Illinois fans were treated to the new beard in a bleak January for Illinois. It was fantastic. Full and lush. Illinois during the Bearded Lovie timeframe signed its first two top-100 ranked recruits since 2012 in Marquez Beason and Isaiah Williams. This wasn’t a coincidence. They saw the potential Illinois had under a bearded Lovie Smith, and jumped at the chance.

But then, sadly, Lovie shaved his beard. He said it was becoming too much work. Illinois Football recruiting then fell off accordingly. I thought as with most things for Illini fans, the beard only lasted a short time and wouldn’t come back.

BUT! I was wrong. Lovie’s beard has made a comeback at Big Ten Media Day today.

It’s decided then, Illinois is going to the playoff. Praise be, Lovie Smith’s beard. Long live Lovie’s beard.