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Power Rankings: Campus Transportation

You have to get to class somehow...

Jacob Rajlich, CUMTD

An important, and often overlooked, aspect of one’s time at Illinois was how they got around. And there’s a LOT of ways to get around. As a transportation nerd, I decided to rank the best ways to get around our campus.

8. Hoverboard

You might as well walk rather than hoverboard. It doesn’t even hover, and you won’t be able to go much faster than walking during busy class changes. Plus, walking doesn’t make you a rolling fire hazard.

7. Car

While having a car on campus can be great, it’s not that useful for getting around campus, with limited and relatively expensive parking options. But if you’re heading out of town frequently, it can be pretty handy.

6. Scooter

Scooters don’t really fit into the campus transportation network that well, and they don’t make traveling that much faster as opposed to walking, with all the other traffic that abounds on campus. You’re constantly being cut off by pedestrians, cyclists or cars, and seem to always be in the way from others.

5. Skateboard

Skateboarders face the same issues that scooter riders do, but they fit in a bit better and you can look pretty cool on one. It’s a lot easier to bring into class too, and lean up against the wall next to you.

4. Walk

Walking is a great way to get around Illinois. Plus, you can take time to view the campus’ gorgeous sights, whether it’s the Alma Mater or the bell tower on the South Quad. Just stay out of the Morrow Plots, and you’ll be fine. The only real negative about walking at Illinois is that the winters can be brutal, and nothing’s worse than having to put on five layers to trudge across campus in the brutal cold.

3. Bike

With bike lanes and bike racks all over campus, biking is super convenient at Illinois. You can get to class quickly, and lock your bike up without worry. While bikers seem to be the scourge of many pedestrians and drivers, you’ll be just fine if you follow the rules of the road and use the bike lanes when you can.

2. Bus

In rain, snow, sleet or shine, the bus will be there to get you around campus. Plus thanks to your student fees, you pay nothing to ride. The buses are constantly running around campus, meaning that there should be one headed the way you need fairly often. Just be sure to catch that earlier bus, so you don’t end up feeling like a sardine in a can!

1. Sleep In

Your bed’s comfy, and your lecture notes are probably posted online somewhere. Rather than face the crowds, why not just stay home? It’s the perfect plan. No traffic or weather to deal with. Go to class most of the time though, or your grades will suffer!

What was your favorite way of getting around U of I?