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No known changes to Illinois Basketball uniforms yet

We’ve seen the throwbacks and grays so far.


Illinois Basketball, Football and Volleyball had their picture days on Monday. We got to see the new ‘Syracuse’ football uniforms and some volleyball players, but what we really care about right now is what the new basketball uniforms will look like, and we don’t know too much yet.

Here are the shots from Illinois Basketball’s day.

The final two pictures with Kipper Nichols and Giorgi Bezhanishvili are in warmups, Trent Frazier is in a track suit, and Ayo Dosunmu (looking slick AF) is in the throwback.

And then in the Illinois Men’s Basketball’s Instagram story, we get a peak of Aaron Jordan in the standard gray uniform.


What we’re still waiting for obviously is an orange and blue kit. If they already have them ready, they obviously didn’t share those in the pictures today, so we can expect that soon.

We can also expect big men, eventually, but we’ll take jerseys for now.

UPDATE: June 28, 12:30 pm

Don’t expect the new uniforms anytime soon.