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Power Rankings: U of I Dorms

The rankings you’ve been hoping and waiting for.

If you went to U of I, chances are the dorm you lived in is still on campus.

Let’s face it: some of the dorms suck. Some are downright fantastic. So we decided we needed power rankings for them. (NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list. If you’re one of those nerds who lived at Europa House, don’t come after me).

10. FAR

Hah. Nothing redeeming about this one. Carry on.

9. Hendrick House

Also known as the other side of the planet, this quaint, prison-like dorm sits just off the intersection of Lincoln and Green in what most students consider BFE. I had a class there my sophomore year, and I could never get there on time.

Aside from a terrible location, it’s well-known that over 85% of the residents don’t go outside unless they have class. I guess that’s what happens when you’re living in engineering student land. Despite all its flaws, Hendrick is very private and has great food. So, there’s that.

8. Busey-Evans

Busey-Evans isn’t too far from the quad, but if you’re a freshman girl it’s the last place you want to be. Not a frat house in sight and at a girls-only dorm in Urbana. Lovely.

At least if you’re a music major, your classes are right across the street.

7. Any frat/srat house

Okay, so this isn’t really a dorm. But plenty of people live in the “I FELTA THI” or “RHO DAMMIT RHO” house when they are freshmen or sophomores. Most of the time there’s a pretty chill chef who cooks some good food.

But if you’re in a frat house, you should get used to most of your stuff smelling like Keystone and regrets. Because there’s plenty of those two things in the house six nights a week.

6. Bromley

Ah, yes. Nothing says “I went to New Trier and use Dad’s credit card regularly” than living at Bromley. If you’re from the North Shore and you don’t live there, have fun finding anyone to go out with when you’re home over winter break. Bromley is known for terrible food and annoying fake RAs that make you check your guests in.

You’re guaranteed to get a bid to a tophau5 if you live there, but even if you don’t, at least there’s a pool.

5. ISR

Honestly, there’s not that much redeeming about ISR. I’ve heard the food is not that good, and being on Illinois and Lincoln isn’t a super great location. (Well, they can hang with the Hendrick kids that go outside, at least).

But ever heard of REO Speedwagon? They met here. So that at least puts ISR in the top half.

4. Allen

Located in the far reaches of Urbana, Allen Hall is an oasis in the desert. Sure, it’s not particularly new or nice, but it’s right next to CRCE just in case you need a quick workout before or after class. The food isn’t good, but that at least gives you a reason to visit your friends at the Ike.

Probably the best part is all the music and acting majors that live there. You’re never going to be short on people playing guitar in the hallway AND there’s music practice rooms. HUGE.

3. Newman

If you didn’t live at Newman, you probably hated everyone that did because they all knew each other. Aside from being the most centrally-located dorm on campus, Newman shares a dining plan with Hendrick House. Quality. What’s more is the cafeteria is always open for studying and late-night shenanigans.

Plus, I hear the nuns hand out cookies to all the young folks stumbling in after KAM’s closes.

2. Anything in the Six Pack

Well, this is pretty much where 50% of the freshman class lives. Whether you’re right next to the Ike in Weston or a stone’s throw from the ARC entrance at Scott, the Six Pack isn’t too far from most freshman classes and provides a great opportunity to socialize with other newcomes to campustown. Plus the Ike has solid food and plenty of study space. What more could you ask for?

1. PAR (Definitely not FAR)

I know what you’re thinking: PAR? Seriously? You couldn’t come up with a better #1? The answer is no. No matter what we put here, everyone was going to be upset.

Have you ever had late night?