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Illinois Women’s Tennis Sweeps Minnesota and Wisconsin in Final Homestand of 2018

Winning both weekend matchups 4-0 each, the Illini Women’s Tennis team looks poised to make some noise as the NCAA Tournament is less than one month away.


This past weekend the No. 14 Illinois Women’s Tennis team played its final two home matches of the season and looked like one of the best in the country in doing so. With Minnesota and Wisconsin in town, the Illini looked every bit the part of a national powerhouse.

On Friday, the Illini took down Minnesota, 4-0. On the doubles court, the Illini continued their home dominance. This season at Atkins, the Illini women have not lost a point in any matchup.

In singles action, Emilee Duong, Mia Rabinowitz, and Asuka Kawai took points for the Illini to clinch their 4-0 victory for their 18th win of the season, the fifth-most in school history.

On Sunday, the Illini experienced more of the same. Continuing their doubles dominace, Jaclyn Switkes and Grace Tapak took the point while Daniela Pedraza-Novak, Mia Rabinowitz, and Sasha Belaya clinched points for their second straight 4-0 victory.

Possibly one of the most impressive streaks for the Illini women right now is the play of Mia Rabinowitz and Sasha Belaya. Rabinowitz has won nine straight singles matchups while Belaya has come out victorious in seven straight.

The second victory of the weekend for the Illini women gave them the third most in program history with a chance to improve even more next weekend as they travel to Ohio State and Penn State.