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Best Individual Performances of the Season: #5 Trent Frazier vs. Wisconsin

The freshman’s career night against Wisconsin comes in at No. 5.

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Coming in at number five on our list of best individual performances of the season is Trent Frazier’s outing against Wisconsin. The Big Ten All-Freshman Team selection had 32 points (7-11 from three), two assists, a rebound, and a steal in the 78-69 loss. It was a season-high in points for Frazier and the third most points scored by a freshman in Illinois history — 34, Deon Thomas; 33, Kiwane Garris. It was also the second time Frazier had made seven three-pointers in a game this past season. Something that has only been accomplished one other time by Kevin Turner in 1997-98.

This Trent Frazier mixtape highlight reel of the game should tell you everything you need to know about the match-up, Trent Frazier step-backs, crossovers, and jumpers over Ethan Happ included. At 1:26, Frazier sends Happ all the way to Green Street with a crossover out on the wing before knocking down the three.

It was the same old story for the Illini. The duo of Leron Black and Trent Frazier spearheaded an otherwise unproductive Illinois lineup and executed the #FauxRally to perfection before just coming up short.

Frazier was one of really 2.5 bright spots on the squad last year. With Black leaving to pursue his opportunities at the next level, Frazier will be tasked with an even larger role next season. But never fear, Trent. Reinforcements in the form of Ayo Dosunmu, Alan Griffin, Samba Kane, and hopefully one or two more are on their way.

The keys to the team fall solely into Frazier’s lap this offseason. Number 1 will be the leader of the team going forward, and the responsibility to change the course of the program is a challenge that Frazier welcomes. With pieces like Ayo Dosunmu, Kane, Kipper, WIlliams, Ebo, and hopefully Tevian Jones, the future of Illinois basketball should start to look promising.

But for now, expect more of these 30+ point, seven three-pointer games from Frazier in the future.