Trent Frazier Watch: vs. Indiana (2/14)

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Losing to Indiana never doesn't suck. After a decent start, Illinois trailed by as much as 12 points in the first half. They had a six-minute scoreless streak. After drawing within 3 of the Hoosiers at the under 12 timeout in the second half, the Fighting Illini would slowly slink towards defeat.


But asking this team to beat IU at Bloomington is probably a bit much. Leron Black had a great game, scoring 20 points on 8-12 shooting while collecting seven rebounds and two blocks. Kipper Nichols also stepped up, providing 16 points off the bench.

Greg Eboigbodin slid into Michael Finke's spot in the starting lineup but had foul trouble for much of the game. He contributed four points and four rebounds.

So how did my adult son do?

How did Trent Frazier play against Indiana tonight? (Score: Illinois 68, Indiana 78)

Trent certainly played better against IU than he did against Penn State, but that isn't saying much. After shooting 2-11 (2-6 from three) and finishing with 6 points against the Nittany Lions, Frazier shot 5-14 against the Hoosiers, scoring 12 points and adding five assists. However, he went 0-6 from downtown, which, I think, is not great.

Per usual, Trent made some exciting plays, including this oop to Ebo to open the scoring:

Frazier showcased his blazing speed after a few steals tonight, this one is from the first half:

In order to give Leron some much deserved love, here's Trent's drive and kick right before halftime:

Tonight was a big time bummer. It would have been nice to bounce back from the last couple of losses to beat Indiana for the second time this season. Instead, outside of a few guys, the Fighting Illini looked bad.

A few thoughts to end on:

1) What the hell is Mark Alstork still doing in the starting lineup? He managed four points against Penn State and a big fat goose egg tonight. Why not just...

2) Start Te'Jon Lucas AND Trent Frazier. Illinois most definitely play their best basketball with those two on the court. I don't care if they both technically play the same position. For now, Trent has to help Black out with the scoring. Lucas provides great ball-handling and passing. It seems like such an easy decision I feel like I'm missing something.

The Illini host Nebraska on Sunday. A better showing, from everyone, is needed.

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