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Illinois women’s basketball’s losing streak continues

Illinois fades late as Indiana take the lone meeting between rivals

Well at this point, there's not much more we can say to this season.

Illinois once again fell to a Big Ten foe, as the Indiana Hoosiers used nice scoring runs in the second and fourth quarters to pull away 70-54 last Thursday.

Illinois battled in this one but ultimately fell due to prolonged scoring droughts and no help for Brandi Beasley from the rest of the team — sounds like the men's team, but swap out Beasley for Trent Frazier.

This was ultimately the Beasley show, however, and the star guard put up 21 points and made several plays to keep this team within respectable distance.

Alex Wittinger had a tough go of it, finishing with just 9 points, but again she battled and played hard, even if her offense suffered.

The biggest issue, obviously, is the lack of a consistent third scorer, along with a complete lack of depth. Like the men, Nancy Fahey needs to drastically overhaul this roster in order to create competition and provide more help for the two leaders (Wittinger and Beasley).

Indiana, meanwhile, hummed along with three players scoring at least 16, led by senior center Amanda Cahill (20) and junior Kym Royster (19).

It's going to be a year or two before we get a good look at Fahey's system with players who fit the mold of what she's looking for offensively. Until then, we'll battle and play hard, but our lack of talent will keep us in the Big Ten cellar.

The Illini are in action again tonight at home against No. 16 Ohio State.