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Power Ranking My Illini Christmas Decorations

All I want for Christmas is ‘croots.

It’s the Holiday season and I don’t really want to talk about the basketball team right now, and I can’t come close to the knowledge that my TCR son Jacob Rajlich has about volleyball, so let’s talk Christmas decorations, specially my Illinois Fighting Illini-themed ones.

6. Illini Ornament #1

It’s a very basic design to be fair, but it serves to remind me of how poorly Illinois executed on its rebrand that I pine for the days of script Illinois.


5. Concerned Illini Santa on a Candy Cane or is he an elf?

It’s a very good ornament, but why is he so concerned? What has gone wrong? Is he falling off the candy cane? Is this Santa or an elf? I need answers damn it.


4. Illini Ornament #2

Same as the above ornament, but it is a matte finish, which adds a layer of class and elegance. Also, I just took a much better picture of it.


3. Illini Snowman

Objectively great. It also plays Oskee Wow Wow when you press its belly. Great scarf and hat, but why in the world is a snowman wearing articles of clothing making it’s death come even more quickly?

DId the snowman happen to see this tweet and decided there was no longer a point?


2. Illini Nutcracker Ornament

My only decoration with the current branding, and it is much beloved. I have a thing for nutcrackers.

Just take a look at these bastards.

10/10. All of them.

1. Illini Santa

This Santa is so great that the Santa in the background is looking upon him with great jealousy.

This is a Santa that only wants players who want to be on the team to sign with Illinois. He knows the meaning of loyalty. He only wants Illini guys. He is ever so patient. He is great at waiting, mostly because he can’t move, but mainly due to his Illini spirit.

He is Illini Santa as he should be. 11/10.

Actually wait, there is one way to improve upon him with some real Homecoming Spirit.


Please share with us your best Illini themed Christmas or Hanukkah (even though it just ended, but oh well) decorations/tickets and we’ll add them to the post.

We at TCR wish you a ever so happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas. I-L-L!