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Big Ten Fantasy - Week 11

Who should you watch out for this week around the conference?

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports


Week Winner - David Blough, Purdue v. Minnesota

I wish Blough was getting more credit and press than he is. This is a guy that has stuck around, got better year-after-year, been injured, had his job taken, and then worked to get healthy and regain QB1 status. My hats off to Blough, and he deserves all the Brohm grooming he’s receiving. Prediction - 350 yards passing, 30 rushing, 5 total TDs.

Bench ‘Em - Alex Hornibrook, Wisconsin v. Penn State

Hornibrook couldn’t avoid having a clunker against Rutgers. Wisconsin fans were right, his confidence is shot and he stinks.

Keep an Eye On - AJ Bush, Illinois v. Nebraska

Similar to Blough’s journey as a starting quarterback, take a look at what AJ Bush is accomplishing with Illinois. He has less starting experience than some freshman quarterbacks, and yet, when he’s clicking he looks like a veteran in both the run and the pass. Except when he takes off and runs in front of his back in the open field. Bush is going to have to keep pace with Nebraska, and that could have explosive results.

Running Back

Week Winner - Karan Higdon, Michigan v. Rutgers

Higdon is going to run for as many yards as Jim Harbaugh wants him to before taking him out of the game, it’s only a question of how many carries they’ll want their star back to take. I don’t know if it will be the hits on the back, as much as the pounding of the running. Prediction - 185 yards rushing, 3 TDs.

Bench ‘Em - JK Dobbins, Ohio State v. Michigan State

Welcome back JK Dobbins! Well, for last week at least. Dobbins looked noticeably quicker, and after the weakness on the ground was exposed by Purdue, Urban Meyer was dedicated to running the football. Spartans are going to be a much tougher task, and we’ll see if Meyer remains committed.

Keep an Eye On - Reggie Corbin, Illinois v. Nebraska

Corbin is starting to get that national recognition that he deserves, and he should back up some interesting NFL Draft hype this weekend. Nebraska’s defense is going to yield plenty of holes for the jet quick back to exploit, and if Illinois is behind, he’ll get more carries.

Wide Receiver

Week Winner - JD Spielman, Nebraska v. Illinois

The Illinois defense was much improved against Minnesota, but I still have a hard time trusting the single high safety, as it relates to stopping an explosive receiver in space. I can see Spielman catching a couple balls between the linebackers and the safety and angles becoming a quick concern. Prediction - 6 receptions, 130 yards, 2 TDs

Bench ‘Em - Nick Westbrook, Indiana v. Maryland

Westbrook has really faded over the course of the season. I don’t know if it’s his knee injury resurfacing from last season, or whether the Indiana offense has hit a rut, but he’s not to be trusted against Maryland.

Keep an Eye On - Flynn Nagel, Northwestern v. Iowa

The Iowa defensive line is huge, and is going to get some good inside push, so I don’t think Northwestern is going to be spending much time holding the ball and taking shots. Flynn Nagel has the ability to get open early, and they might pepper him with underneath targets.

Tight End

Week Winner - Noah Fant, Iowa v. Northwestern

Copy and paste. Iowa is the best team in the country at using its tight ends, and Fant is the best of the duo.

Bench ‘Em - Brycen Hopkins, Purdue v. Minnesota

I don’t think Purdue will need to work its tight ends into he game plan in order to score 40+ points.

Keep an Eye On - TJ Hockenson, Iowa v. Northwestern

Hockenson HAS worked himself into the top three tight end prospects in the country.

Defense of the Week - Michigan

The Wolverines defense is ridiculous right now, and just got done dominating Penn State, which is a legit top 15 team. Rutgers, is a legit bottom 15 team, and is about to be wiped off the face of Central Jersey. Art Sitkowski should be benched to preserve his future confidence.

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